Evening Show

Whilst sailing the seven seas, our crew noticed that we still needed reinforcements. So we decided to get acquainted a bit with the different local people. In an old bar in Speicherstadt we learned about two famous, strong Viking women. They were known for fighting with their twin sister at lightning speed and in the same beat – almost as if you were dealing with a Viking with four arms! But in fact, they are real twin sisters. Their martial art has inspired many children and young people for years and enabled them to become Vikings as well. The two twin sisters were therefore the perfect reinforcement for our crew, and we brought them on board. We would now like to introduce them to you:  

The well-known, strong Viking girls are called…. Jamila and Amina Ouahid.    

We are very happy to have them on board. They will be leading us through the wonderful JF5 evening show on Saturday, 1st October 2022, for about 90 minutes. The show is sure to be unforgettable. Be excited!  

You can also find Jamila and Amina on Instagram @twinsouahid 


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