Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony 

Moin Moin, 

Our crew has been sailing the seven seas for some time now, looking for young performers. On 1st October 2022 the time has finally come: the 5th Jugendfestival will start from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. with an unforgettable opening ceremony at the Congress Center Hamburg.   

On board of our ship you will find a valuable opening ceremony treasure chest. You want to know who will be performing at the Opening Ceremony? Here we present four of our treasures:  



Laa Walther (they/them) 


Indika Sandaruwan Gardiwasam Punchi Hewage (he/him)



Ela (Ela) und Nur Beysun (Nur)


Short film

Eyk Kauly (Eyk)



Our two hosts Anna Deul and Romeo Kühn will guide you through the opening ceremony and present our treasures. For your information: They are the ancestors of famous people in the golden age. But unfortunately we don’t know if they are from the good guys or the bad guys. According to the rumours in Hamburg, they are the definition of a new golden age. And one thing is certain: they know how to discover treasures


Anna Deul (she/her) 


Jonathan Püppke (he/him)



We’re sure you’ll want to see more, but we don’t want to give too much away to keep things exciting. Come to the 5th Jugendfestival and marvel at our treasures with your own eyes. We are sure that your eyes will be dazzled by the incredible talents, the precious pieces and all the gold!   

Do you have any questions about the opening ceremony? Then write to us at: entertainment(at)   

We are looking forward to seeing you,  

Your sailors Ricco and Kevin


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