Children programme

Children programme

Welcome to our fabulous children’s programme from the north. Our programme is diverse, colourful and fun! We offer various activities such as handicrafts, workshops, face painting and many more. You can find a small programme preview below. But we don’t want to tell you more. Let us surprise you!  

Information on how to register your children alias the little crabs for the programme will follow shortly on this page. It remains exciting!    

Do you have any questions about the children’s programme? Then write to our children’s programme sailors at: kinderprogramm(at)   


To ensure that the children, aka the little crabs, don’t get bored during the cruise, we have put together a colourful programme. But who will entertain the little crabs? Here you can see the different speakers alias our world discoverers:  

Constantly sailing the high seas – it’s easy to get bored. Not with world discoverer Bella! She will bring joy to the little crabs with handicrafts, creativity and competition, so that the boredom quickly disappears!  

There’s not much room on the ship, and on long journeys your legs start to tingle from time to time. Here comes world explorer Julian: He will move and exercise with the little crabs.  

To make sure that everything on the ship is green and blossoming, we have world explorer Nadja here, who will take the little crabs to her green plant world. Here, the little crabs learn how to plant plants and learn about plants outside the ocean, among other things.  

After all the activities on the ship, the little crabs need a little rest. IStorytelling is always super relaxing (and also a bit exciting)! World explorer Dudu will tell the little crabs many stories.  

Do you have an idea for the children’s programme and would like to join us? Then simply apply to our sailors Rebecca and Tom!  

Just introduce yourself and tell them your idea for a lecture, workshop, etc.  

Please send the video via WeTransfer to the email address kinderprogramm(at)  

We are looking forward to seeing you!  

Your sailors Rebecca and Tom 


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