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Moin Moin, the youth programme will make sure that you will experience two unforgettable and exciting days on the fabulous Nordic JF5 island!   

It won’t be long until the JF5 takes place, and I’m sure you’re as excited about that as we are. You want to know who will provide you with the latest knowledge at JF5? We don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer and can reveal ten great lecture topics here. Here we go:   

“Rainbow Tears – What to do about death and grief?” by Swantje Marks and Claudia Igersky-Herb  

We are Claudia and Swantje from Berlin. With the title “Rainbow Tears – What to do about death and grief?” we would like to break the taboo and the burden and talk with you about this. What should we do when someone dies? When a friend is grieving, what is the right thing to do? We bring our own experiences as well as experiences from the exchange with others. We are looking forward to meeting you.   

Content Note: the talk will cover the topics of grief and loss. If you are not comfortable with these topics do not attend, or at least do not attend it alone.   

“Hand drauf” from the Hand drauf team  

We work as host (Iris) and author (Iris and Melissa) for Hand drauf. In this workshop we want to share our journalistic experiences as well as the know-how with you and give you an insight into our work.  

“Digital Reality – The Life of Tomorrow” by Robin Angelini 

Hello, I’m Robin. Our everyday life today is already digitally designed: We talk to our friends via smartphone, we can’t imagine not working on the computer, smart systems communicate with each other and keep you up to date. With my lecture I would like to give an insight into the life of tomorrow. How will our lives change in the course of technological progress? How much digitality can our reality take? To be able to forecast the future, we will also take a historical look at the development of today’s smart world. 

“Crime + deaf = paradise or nightmare?” by Adelina Worseck  

Hello, I am Adelina from Hamburg. In my presentation “Crime + deaf = paradise or nightmare?” some real crimes by deaf offenders are told. It will be shown whether the deaf offender got advantages or disadvantages in punishment or sentencing because of his deafness. The situation of deaf inmates in prison is also highlighted. 

“Silent repression?!” by Corina Brosch   

“Silent repression” – this is the main title of the debut novel of a deaf author in the field of fiction, the first in Germany. But who is this author? I am this author, Corina Brosch. Why is she writing novels? In addition to a brief book introduction, the following questions will also be addressed: Why do we need more deaf writers and can anyone do it? Why is writing storytelling, and why is storytelling an opportunity? And what does this have to do with repression now? You might start writing your own book after this.  

ARE YOU THE NEXT? Join me and find out! It will captivate you! I promise!  

Trigger warning: the lecture includes the topics of rape, panic, murder, blackmail, among others. If you are not comfortable with these topics do not attend it, or at least do not watch it alone.   

“How does a human being come into being?” by Katja Hopfenzitz   

What exactly happens when a sperm meets an egg? What happens in the time between first meeting and birth? Which organ is formed first: Heart, brain or intestine? Can the baby in the womb already taste or see? These questions and more will be answered in the lecture.  

“Orgasm easy, isn’t it?” by Conny Tiedemann  

I am Conny and my lecture “Orgasm easy, isn’t it?” is of course about orgasm of women and men. Is it easy to get orgasm or are there difficulties, limitations? I will also conduct a survey beforehand and present the results in the lecture. (There is no age restriction for my lecture, but the decision and responsibility of attending is up to the parents).  

“Black Lives Matter – Why political protest matters!” by Matthew Harrison

Hello, my name is Matthew Harrison. My talk is dedicated to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and the issue of racism in the context of Black people. I would like to look at the motivations of the BLM movement with you and explore the question of why political protest is important. I would also like to share with you my perspective as a Black person regarding racism in the Deaf community and together consider how to deal with it. Welcome!   

Trigger warning: this talk includes, but is not limited to, the topics of racism, racial violence, and discrimination. If you are not comfortable with these topics do not attend it, or at least do not attend it alone.   

“Parent-Child Journey” by Jennifer Suslik 

My name is Jennifer. In my presentation, I would like to talk about the topic of “traveling with children”. Three years ago, we started a family. We wanted to continue to fulfil our desire of traveling without restrictions or adjustments. You will learn more in my talk. I am looking forward to seeing you.   

“Social media: impact on the psyche” by Antonia Ricke  

We are all on social media and spend several hours a day with and in it. What is it doing to us? Does social media have an influence on our psyche, or is it due to our usage behaviour?

Many more diverse topics await you! It remains exciting! Be part of JF5! We are looking forward to seeing you!  

You have questions about the youth programme? Then write to our youth program matros at: jugendprogramm(at)   

Your sailors Melissa and Patricia


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