Moin Moin! 

We are happy that you are interested in buying a JF5-ticket.  

Online ticket sales have ended on 31st August 2022, so you can no longer order tickets online. However, there is still a box office on site and there are enough tickets for everyone! Just come to the Congress Center Hamburg on 1st October 2022 and buy a ticket on site. 

Which tickets are being sold on site? 

  • Combination ticket for Saturday and Sunday (incl. evening show)  
  • Family ticket for Saturday and Sunday (incl. evening show)  
  • Day ticket for Saturday (incl. evening show) 
  • Day ticket for Sunday 
  • Ticket for the evening show on Saturday  

Here you can view the prices of the different tickets. 

Important information about our ticket sales conditions: 

To buy a ticket, you have to agree to our general terms and conditions, our terms and conditions for the ticket sales and agree to photography and video recording for the duration of the event.   

Important information about the corona rules: 

There is good news: A large part of the current Corona rules in Hamburg have expired on 30.04.2022. If the situation does not worsen, no Corona rules have to be observed at the 5th Jugendfestival. To be on the safe side, we would still like to prepare for a 3G check. Whether the checks will actually be carried out will be decided by the further course of the pandemic and the city of Hamburg. For you this means: If you are vaccinated, recovered or tested at the time of the event, you will most likely be able to participate at the Jugendfestival.  We will inform you on our homepage and on our social media platforms when we know more details. According to the new rules, unvaccinated people can also attend the festival, which is why they can now buy a ticket without hesitation. We are looking forward to seeing you! 

Important information for the children’s programme: 

The children who want to participate in the children’s programme must be additionally registered with an online form. The deadline for registration is 31st August 2022. Children who have not been registered and want to participate in the children’s programme must pay an additional processing fee of 15€ on site. 

Important information for accompanying person: 

Only people affected by Usher, deafblind people and wheelchair users are entitled to an accompanying person. For the registration of the accompanying person, you must do the following: 

As soon as we have read your email, we will send you a confirmation email. Please understand that we need to receive the proof in time, as we have a limited number of people at the 5th Jugendfestival. If we have not received proof by 15th September 2022, we will assume that you do not need an accompanying person. That means your accompanying person will not get a ticket and cannot be let in on site. 
You still have open questions? Then please check our FAQ first, because many questions are already answered there. If your question is not answered there, you are welcome to write us an e-mail (ticket(at) 
See you in Hamburg! 

Your sailors Alexander und Vanessa  

 Sign language zone 

We explicitly point out that the entire area, where the 5th Jugendfestival will take place, is a sign language zone. In order for all visitors to have the chance of an accessible event, all persons on the premises should, if possible, use sign language in their communication or make use of the services of sign language interpreters. All conversations in spoken language, including short private conversations among hearing visitors, are not accessible and should be conducted off-site to preserve the sign language zone. Thank you very much. 


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