1. Who can attend Jugendfestival? 

The primary target audience of the Jugendfestival are deaf and hard-of-hearing children and young people. Children and young people who are hearing but are interested in Sign Languages are also welcome. The festival is also open to interested adults. An important thing to note in this regard: Most of the event is going to be held in German Sign Language (DGS). Only some talks are going to be interpreted into spoken and/or written German or International Sign. 

2. I know little or no German Sign Language, how am I still able to understand anything? 

To make sure that everybody can attend the festival, sign language interpretation and speech-to text interpretation will be provided for indicated parts of the festival. In the programme brochure specific pictograms will indicate which talks will be interpreted in spoken and/or written German and International Sign, and which talks are equipped with an induction loop. 


1. When will Jugendfestival take place? 

The 5th Jugendfestival will begin on Saturday, 1st October 2022 at 10am with the opening ceremony and end on Sunday, 2nd October 2022 at around 9pm with the closing ceremony. In between, there will be interesting talks and workshops for young people and a children’s programme for children.  

2. Getting there and accommodation 

All information in regard to travel directions and overnight accommodation. 

3. Are child care services going to be provided? 

There will be a programme for children. See here for further information.  

4. How old do you have to be to participate in the children programme? 

All children above the age of three, who no longer need nappies, are allowed to participate in the children programme. Children under the age of three can participate when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  

5. Who is responsible for children at the festival? 

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for their children. 

6. Are hearing children allowed to participate in the children programme? 

Hearing children are welcome to visit the festival as well. They need to have at least a basic knowledge of German Sign Language though, since child care services are provided exclusively by sign language users. 


1. Accessibility for visitors with limited mobility 

There will be underground parking spaces available for visitors with limited mobility at the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg. Additionally, all conference rooms are accessible and toilets suitable for wheelchairs will be provided. 

2. Accessibility for visitors with visual impairments 

Please contact our service desk in the entrance hall during the festival. We will try to accommodate your needs, i.e.,  give you early access to the conference rooms and things as such. 

3. Accessibility for hearing visitors  

The official language of the festival is German Sign Language (DGS). Selected parts of the programme will be interpreted into spoken and/or written German. See the programme brochure for more information. 

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